Reaching and Engaging Passive Job Seekers

Direct Access We have an expansive, validated database (Direct Access™) of almost a million physician/clinician records. Our leading Direct Access™ eDatabase of over 700,000 validated Physicians and 120,000 NPs and PAs provides effective digital ROI.

Career Centers

We power the career centers of 29 medical journals accessed online by physicians, NPs and PAs.

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Our e-Newsletters reach 750,000 email subcribers of our digital publications.

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Advertise on the 1st and only mobile job board for physicians and advanced practice clincians.

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In order to reach candidates through every channel print is still a vital medium.

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Lead Generation

Virtually Imported Profiles Virtually Imported Profiles (VIPs) of users from our Direct Access database are streamed to the career centers on our job board. Candidates interested in practice opportunities self-identify themselves by revealing their profiles to recruiters.

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To place an ad online, in any of our e-Newsletters, on our mobile platform, and/or in print please contact:
Julian Knight, Digital Sales Director of Classified Advertising.
Call 973-206-2317 or send an email to jknight@frontlinemedcom.com.